Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Cuckold's in Chastity

When I last left you, I was wondering how the hell I'd forgotten to put the butt plug to use;  The one I'd instructed the cuckold to have waiting for me when I got to his and Janice's house.  I'd intended to tease the both of them by slowly sliding it into her ass before I led her into the bedroom, leaving both of them to wonder whether or not I was going to take her anally on Monday night.  As it turned out we didn't have anal sex but enjoyed ourselves just the same.

If you recall, the cuckold was left there in his maids uniform and also in chastity.  I'd forgotten about  him being locked up when I left and even though I spoke to Janice several times since then (trying to plan for the weekend if it's possible) the topic never came up.  I assumed she had set the cuckold free and let him have some sort of relief in a way I've already approved.  Face sitting is her favorite by the way.

I was wrong.  Last night Janice sent me a text with this cute little selfie showing the chastity belt's key dangling from her neck.  "Guess what?  The cuckold's still locked" she wrote.  I was on the phone with my son (a lifetime student - just another routine request for funds) at the  time and sent her a quick note expressing my doubts about her claim.  It had been at least 48 hours since the cuckold was locked up.  This would be a new record for him. 

Janice wrote back that it was true and that she told the cuckold it would be up to me when he would be let out again.  When my phone call was over, I wrote back to her that I'd think about it and let her know how to proceed in due time.  I also told her to call me in the morning.

Now Janice is aware of my former cuckolding activities, both the mild and not-so-mild relationships.  She says it's part of her attraction to me, having a lover who understands the whole thing.  So she knows that I've held the keys and controlled the sex lives of cuckolds before. 

Janice called me this morning.  It was a fun conversation.  I'm all too willing to go along with her suggestion as long as things don't get out of hand.  Think what you may I do have some sympathy for the cuckold, probably more than Janice. 

We left it that I'd allow the cuckold out of his chastity belt only after the next time I fucked her.  If he wants out, he better carve out some time for me to have my way with his wife this weekend. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Instructions to the Cuckold

I was finally able to see Janice last night.  Little bit of a dry spell but not that unusual.  The wives and cuckolds have their own separate lives to lead as do I.  Coordination is difficult sometimes, no matter how horny Janice gets.  But over the weekend, we talked and discovered that the stars would be in alignment for a Monday night date.

For Janice and the cuckold, the foreplay starts as soon as we've set a time and place to meet.  Doesn't matter if that happens a half hour or a week ahead of time.  They both enjoy the games I like to play with the both of them leading up to my arrival.

I was off yesterday and played in one of those four man scramble charity golf tournaments with a "shotgun start."  If you golf you know what I'm talking about.  Those things take a regular four hour round and turn it into a six hour drag-it-out marathon.  Add on some drinks, lunch, a raffle and prizes and your day is shot.  Granted it was for a good cause but I was in a hurry to get laid.  Good thing I was able to text the cuckold my instructions for evening while waiting after every shot.

The back and forth with the cuckold (and Janice) prompted my golfing partners to ask what the hell I was doing and if I had "a hot date tonight."  I told them I did and asked if they were jealous.

I think Janice enjoys these type of mind games more than the cuckold does.  She likes it when I give her some things to do and exercise my authority, but I think she loves it when I do the same to the cuckold.

I sent the cuckold a text message yesterday afternoon that was short and sweet.  Knowing the two of them for more than two years lets me send these abbreviated messages with the knowledge that they'll know what I'm talking about.

Be there at 6.  You full uniform and locked.  J in heels hose collar w/leash and bp on the side.
 The cuckold:
Yes Marc
Send proof when locked and in panties.

 Chastity for the cuckold has been an off and on thing with Janice.  Mostly off for the cuckold.  Recently she's expressed an interest in keeping him locked up more or coming up with a schedule that I would regulate.  I thought this exchange would make her happy and maybe even a bit hornier.

Almost two hours later after the cuckold got home from work and showered he locked himself in and sent me this picture from his phone.  Not the greatest but it does show the outline of the CB through his panties.  Obedience turns me on.

When I arrived the cuckold was in his maids uniform, Janice in heels, hose and a collar with a leash and butt plug on their coffee table in the living room.  I forgot to ask them who put the leash on Janice, whether she did it herself or if the cuckold did it.  I doubt if Janice let him do it but I'll have to find out.

I had Janice make her way to their sofa so that her ass was facing the middle of the room.  On the other side of the sofa was a table which I told the cuckold to move so I could stand directly behind the table facing Janice.  "Get me a crop" I told the cuckold.  He went to their bedroom and returned it to me.  By the time he got back, I'd already taken my cock out of my pants and Janice was busy sucking on it.

I spanked Janice and played with the crop for fifteen minutes or so while the cuckold licked her ass.  My swats would sometimes hit the top of his head even though I did my best not to.  They would knock over the little maids cap he was wearing and he'd pick it up and put it back on only to have it swatted off again.  It was fun watching him go through these motions but once Janice got me close to cumming, I lost all interest in what the cuckold was doing.  

I stopped short of cumming and told the cuckold to hand me the leash.  I snapped it onto her collar and made Janice crawl while following me to their bedroom.  I didn't rush her, leading down the hall so that both the cuckold and I could appreciate her nice ass.  Without saying a word, we left the cuckold there.

I spent about two hours alone with Janice and it was great sex.  Around 8:30 she asked if I wanted to stick around for something to eat and I told her I thought I'd be heading home since I had to work today.  I left the bedroom, said goodbye to the cuckold and gave Janice a goodnight kiss.

I got home and popped a frozen pizza from Trader Joe's into the oven and made myself a vodka tonic.  I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten to use the butt plug I had the cuckold leave out for me.  I hate it when I rush through things, especially sex.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Female Orgasms And Cuckolds

A few days ago I mentioned that the biggest complaint wives of cuckolds had about their husbands was their inability to last.  I mentioned that a woman had a better chance of achieving a vaginal orgasm the longer the sex lasted.

This was based on a combination of experience and some knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and not on any sexual scientific research or data collecting exercise.  But a reader of the blog sent me a link to an article that supports my own findings.

Here's an article from Women's Health called 4 Types of Orgasms Every Woman Should Have.  I'd never heard of a "Blended Orgasm" and will have to ask Janice about them.  She's a bit wilder at some times more than others, so maybe that's what she's been experiencing.  If not, then I've got some work to do.

Where do cuckolds come in?  Let's give them credit where it's due.  Most are quite skilled at providing oral sex and helping their wives achieve clitoral and even multiple orgasms.  The wives love those just as much in my opinion.  Like the picture here, their facial expressions show it.

And one more thing.  The wives I enjoy playing with love their cuckolds even more. 

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Penis Size Envy

Sigmund Freud coined the term "penis envy" about a century ago, referring to a stage in a young woman's psychosexual development.  He used it to refer to the anxiety they supposedly experience when they realize they don't have a penis.  Professionally, I've never been a big fan of Freud but give credit where it's due; he certainly penned some interesting stuff.  You can always liven up some cocktail parties when you bring up his name. 

Cuckold porn seems to have a fascination with two things:  First, the size of the bull's penis and second, the size of the cuckold's penis.  Seems like all the bulls are hung like horses and all the cuckolds have clitoris sized members peeking out of their crotches.  These size discrepancies help make the tales far easier to write, not to mention the excitement they generate among readers. 

Let me try and size up the situations I've encountered in my own real life experience with couples I've played with.

I'll start by saying that my own penis is above average in size, both length and girth.  It's not of gargantuan proportions, but it's above average and with only one exception, larger than any of the cuckolds I've run into.  I don't make it a point to measure every cuckold's penis, but you'd be surprised to learn that the wives never fail to bring up their husband's penis size in comparison to mine.  The size comparisons naturally follow. 

Here's a fact:  Not all cuckolds have microscopic sized penises.  Sorry to disappoint.  Their wives' biggest complaints?  They don't last (premature ejaculation I guess) or "they don't know how to use it."  The latter comment/complaint usually means the wives can't achieve a vaginal orgasm when their husbands fuck them.  A woman has a better chance of having a vaginal orgasm the longer the sex lasts.  So if the husbands (cuckolds) can't last...well, there you have it.  Also, the ability to last has nothing to do with penis size.

Another thing, despite the notion that "size doesn't matter" that's been pretty popular in modern sexual circles, my own experience is that it does.  Why else would the wives' I've played with comment on it?  Like I said, my own is large, but not of biblical proportions.  But when compared to the cuckolds', there's at least a "sizable" difference.

Invariably though, with every cuckold couple I've been involved with that has an element of D/s in it where the wife is dominant over the cuckold, cock size comparisons always come up.  Not just in discussion but in actually putting the penises side by side.  It's a nice way for the wives, and for me in some cases, to heap an extra helping of humiliation on the cuckold. 

Janice had been a bit dominant over her husband before she was involved with me.  Before we met, the soon-to-be-cuckold was already being kept in panties.  So, on the night that Janice told him to pull down his pants, lower his lace panties and show me his cock while we were enjoying cocktails the cuckold had prepared for us, I knew I wouldn't be soon staring at "The Whopper."  The cuckold was small, but not tiny.  And amazingly, his penis grew as soon as Janice took it in her hand, held it, looked at me and said "See, I told you it was tiny."  She called it tiny, and I later told her I'd seen some smaller. 

Like other wives, Janice had me go through the drill.  I pulled down my pants, lowered my jockeys and showed the cuckold my penis.  Of course, my superior size was also the beneficiary of some previous attention Janice had paid it.  With both penises on full display Janice looked at the cuckold and said "See, I told you it was big" and wrapped her lips around it.  Both our penises got bigger at the sight of her sucking my cock.  There I stood, inches away from the cuckold while Janice sucked me.  As she sucked, I told him he could pull his panties back up and refresh our drinks.  It was a great way to start our play for the evening.

Let me wrap up.....I know not all cuckolds have smaller cocks than their wives' lovers, but I think most do. 

I'm no Sigmund Freud, but I think that those cuckolds with smaller sized penises suffer from a similar envy as the young girls Freud was referring to. This "penis size envy" experience comes about when the cuckold comes to the realization he doesn't have a penis of adequate size and stamina to please his wife. 

It's a defining moment in the cuckold's psychosexual development.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Permissible Forms of Cuckold Sex

When taking control over a cuckold couple's sex life, one has to approach it with a level of reasonableness so that everyone's most basic needs are satisfied.  Even though I expect "fidelity" from the wives I have a relationship with, it would cruel if I didn't allow them to have sex when I'm away or not available.

The same can be said about the cuckold.  Whether they're locked up or not, cuckolds need some type of sex to keep them sane and motivated.  The sex doesn't always have to end in an orgasm (in fact, most of the time it shouldn't) as long as it satisfies their deep emotional need to please their wives.

I've learned over the years that it's important for the wives to have orgasms from the type of cuckold sex I allow them.  Not so much for their own satisfaction, but the cuckold needs to know that he's still able to please his wife in such a way that she gets off.  It helps the cuckolds self esteem.

Here's one of the forms of cuckold sex I let my couples enjoy:

The wives love the head harness and the results it provides.  The cuckolds love the attention.

I even supply the harness and the dildo of the wife's choice.  That way, I don't feel totally left out. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog Fodder

Janice and the cuckold were away this weekend, leaving me to find other ways to enjoy and occupy myself.  The weekend abstinence from carnal pursuits wasn't something I was planning on writing about.  However, in some way it answers a question one of my followers asked in a comment to my last post. 

Mick, who writes the Under Contract to My Wife blog, asked if I followed the same fidelity rule that I insist upon with the married women I play with.  I had written that I wasn't interested in playing with a married woman who's going to fuck around with other guys.  Does the same rule apply to me?  Should she expect me to be "faithful" to her and not fuck around with other women?

The answer to both those questions is yes, wasn't always that way.  Maturity and a growing sense of responsibility caused me to change my ways.  Years ago there were a few times when I had a regular cuckolding thing going with a couple, but would have regular straight sex with other women as well.  For one thing, the regular straight sex was never nearly as fulfilling as the sex I had with the cuckolding wife.  Not even close. 

Also, by not screwing around with other women I could focus on the cuckold couple and make the arrangement more fun for the three of us.  Remember, this is supposed to be fun...for everyone...even the cuckold!

I know it's hard to believe that someone can have fun while locked in chastity, blindfolded, gagged with his wife's wet panties at the same time some guy's pounding her and making her beg for more but it happens.  More often than you think.  Thank God for guys like me that other guys have different needs.  I'm sure the cuckolds are equally thankful that there are people like me around.  And the wives?  They're doubly thankful don't you think?

By the way, Janice's husband does have a name but she enjoys referring to him as "the cuckold" and likes it when I do the same.  I used to slip once and awhile but that rarely happens now.   He seems to enjoy being referred to in this way and I'm happy to oblige.  It's kind of fun.  

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Walking Away

This might sound pretty strange coming from a guy who enjoys messing around with married women; specifically women who "cheat" on their husbands, but....

When I get into a relationship or start having an "affair" with a married woman I insist on fidelity.  If she's going to fuck around with others (besides her husband and me) then I'm not interested.  As soon as I get an inclination that she's messing around with other guys, it's time to walk away.  I'm sure other guys feel differently, but not me.  Perhaps it's my dominant nature, but I'm not into messing around with the so-called "hot wives." 

Depending on the couple and what they're into (as kinky as it can be, this is supposed to be fun) I also enjoy controlling their sex lives, limiting the kind of sex they can have with each other, like no fucking, or having them ask permission each time before having sex.  I've also been a keyholder for their cuckold husbands.  It's all pretty cool.  I've yet to find a couple that I can both keep in chastity but it's on my bucket list!

I had a gorgeous blonde named Debbie who was married to a guy twenty years her senior.  He was a true cuck, a few years older than me and surrendered his manhood to the both of us.  I held his key for a few months and Debbie loved every minute of it.  I found out she had seen another guy while I was gone for a week.  I called her, told her it was over and mailed her back the key.  

Yes I'm controlling but many couples like it that way.  So, if a woman wants to fuck other guys besides me, more power to her.  I'm just not going to be one of them.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Cuckold Couple Discipline

This certainly doesn't fall in the "This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you" category, but disciplining a cuckold couple isn't always fun.  Sometimes it's just necessary.

And here's the thing, if you let them know up front that both of them are going to be disciplined no matter who screws up, who's fault it is, etc....the behavioral results are amazing. 

Just to clarify though, it's fun most all of the time :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Strutting Her Stuff

I mentioned what I perceived to be Janice's exhibitionist fantasies the other day.  Here's another example. 

Not all our sex is long, drawn out and inclusive of the cuckold.  Sometimes it's a little quick BJ or a little more and just the two of us.  These are the times she likes it when I take a quick picture and send it off to the cuckold.  Now, she wants me to take a video on my iPhone to send to him.  WTF?

I love the sex and enjoy the head games we play with the cuckold, but I wasn't planning on needing any audio visual skills when I entered into this arrangement.   I'd rather be focused on the sex rather than framing her lips sucking on my dick correctly.  And I like both hands free, just in case she needs a little encouragement or guidance. 

It might be fun once and awhile but I'm not going to let her make it a habit.  It's more fun when the cuckold takes the pictures in my opinion. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Including the Cuckold

It was Janice's idea actually.  Give credit where it's due.  I always thought I was pretty creative when it came to spicing up a scene when it comes to giving the cuckold some humiliating task to perform. 

I actually think Janice has this exhibitionist streak in her.  I know she likes to have her cuckold husband watch us while we're having sex, but deep down I think she'd like to have others in the room while she performs.  It's just a hunch I have.

Anyway, she suggested that we have her cuckold stand on the side of the bed while we screw around and that I take her panties off and hang them on his cock until we were done. 

"I'll wear a g-string since he's not very big" she whispered to me into the phone.  That's my Janice.  I like her sense of humor.

"Are you sure it won't fall off?" I said.

"No way.  You know how hard he gets watching us" she said to me.  Good point.

So the cuckold was already hard and we had just started the foreplay.  I put Janice on all fours and slapped her ass a bit before I started to play with her pussy from behind, making sure I got the panties nice and wet.  As Janice moaned with pleasure, I slapped her ass again and looked at the cuckold and asked "She really loves this doesn't she?"  He knows I expect an answer and said "Yes Sir, she does."

Once the panties were properly dampened, I told her to take them off and give them to me.  I took them and rubbed them between her pussy lips just to get one last does of her juices onto the skimpy little things.

"Kiss 'em" I said as I put the panty in front of the cuckolds lip's.  He did.  Then I hung them on his cock and said "Hold her panties until we're done."

Janice laughed and said "You better fucking not let them fall!"

And there they stayed, throughout our entire lovemaking and until Janice was ready to let the cuckold play with himself.  He squirted into the panty as best he could and cleaned them out before he cleaned her out. 

There's always ways you can include a cuckold if you try hard enough. 

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cuckold Photo Ops

I'm sure it's size is the same, but when I make a cuckold take a picture of me fucking his wife my cock feels thicker and longer.  It energizes me as a sexual being and makes me want to take her even harder.

Depending on the wife, the reaction can vary.  Most love it when I have their hubbies do my bidding and boss them around.  Others like the exhibitionist factor of being photographed.  None of them ever complain.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Messaging the Cuckold

I've become quite good at taking pictures like this and sending them to the cuckold. 

It's not quite as much fun as humiliating the cuckold in person, but it can come close.

My friend Janice insists that the cuckold always respond immediately to my messages and thank me for pleasing his wife.  I love that.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Humiliating the Wife and Cuckold

I like to enjoy a cuckolding scene.   I want to make it last.  Don't rush things.

You know, most all of the married women I've played with have the same complaint:  their cuckold husbands can't last.  First of all, the cuckolds are terrible at foreplay and then, once they enter their wives they cum in no time.  The selfish little pricks have no self-control.

Fortunately for the wives, I do.

I take charge and put the wives through their paces before I fuck them.  And I make the cuckolds watch when I'm doing this.  You'd be surprised how wet the wives get from the treatment I'm putting them through.

Here's something else, the longer I do it the wetter they get.  They beg me to rip their panties off and fuck them.  That only makes me keep their panties on longer.

Now here's a fun little game I like to play.  I like to fondle and finger their pussies through their panties and feel the panties get soaked.  I do this in plain view of the cuckold, with his wife's ass almost in front of his face.

Then I make the cuckold beg me to suck on my fingers.  Surprising how turned on they get by this little exercise.

Makes me hard too.