Monday, August 18, 2014

Blog Fodder

Janice and the cuckold were away this weekend, leaving me to find other ways to enjoy and occupy myself.  The weekend abstinence from carnal pursuits wasn't something I was planning on writing about.  However, in some way it answers a question one of my followers asked in a comment to my last post. 

Mick, who writes the Under Contract to My Wife blog, asked if I followed the same fidelity rule that I insist upon with the married women I play with.  I had written that I wasn't interested in playing with a married woman who's going to fuck around with other guys.  Does the same rule apply to me?  Should she expect me to be "faithful" to her and not fuck around with other women?

The answer to both those questions is yes, wasn't always that way.  Maturity and a growing sense of responsibility caused me to change my ways.  Years ago there were a few times when I had a regular cuckolding thing going with a couple, but would have regular straight sex with other women as well.  For one thing, the regular straight sex was never nearly as fulfilling as the sex I had with the cuckolding wife.  Not even close. 

Also, by not screwing around with other women I could focus on the cuckold couple and make the arrangement more fun for the three of us.  Remember, this is supposed to be fun...for everyone...even the cuckold!

I know it's hard to believe that someone can have fun while locked in chastity, blindfolded, gagged with his wife's wet panties at the same time some guy's pounding her and making her beg for more but it happens.  More often than you think.  Thank God for guys like me that other guys have different needs.  I'm sure the cuckolds are equally thankful that there are people like me around.  And the wives?  They're doubly thankful don't you think?

By the way, Janice's husband does have a name but she enjoys referring to him as "the cuckold" and likes it when I do the same.  I used to slip once and awhile but that rarely happens now.   He seems to enjoy being referred to in this way and I'm happy to oblige.  It's kind of fun.  


  1. Thanks for the answer, Marc. Yes, when things are slow it's always good to exploit comments to come up with some blog fodder. take it from a real fodder shoveler.

    Molly read your last two posts and had some questions, which you can answer here or simply email us:

    1. How long have you and Janice and the cuckold been a thing?
    2. Where does he live?
    (she didn't say what I suspect she was thinking.....does he make house calls?)


    1. Mick,

      The thing with Janice and the cuckold goes back to October 2012. Your question made me stop and think, then realize how long it's really been. They seem happy with it.

      I live on the west/left coast (most of the time). House calls are what I enjoy most, but they're usually in commuting distance.

      Couldn't find your email anywhere. I'm a novice when it comes to blogging and google+!


    2. Thanks. I'm on the left coast today myself. Bur unfortunately Molly is back at home, not doubt getting in trouble. Our email is I think it's there somewhere on our page. But you've got more important things to handle.