Saturday, August 23, 2014

Female Orgasms And Cuckolds

A few days ago I mentioned that the biggest complaint wives of cuckolds had about their husbands was their inability to last.  I mentioned that a woman had a better chance of achieving a vaginal orgasm the longer the sex lasted.

This was based on a combination of experience and some knowledge of human anatomy and physiology and not on any sexual scientific research or data collecting exercise.  But a reader of the blog sent me a link to an article that supports my own findings.

Here's an article from Women's Health called 4 Types of Orgasms Every Woman Should Have.  I'd never heard of a "Blended Orgasm" and will have to ask Janice about them.  She's a bit wilder at some times more than others, so maybe that's what she's been experiencing.  If not, then I've got some work to do.

Where do cuckolds come in?  Let's give them credit where it's due.  Most are quite skilled at providing oral sex and helping their wives achieve clitoral and even multiple orgasms.  The wives love those just as much in my opinion.  Like the picture here, their facial expressions show it.

And one more thing.  The wives I enjoy playing with love their cuckolds even more. 

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  1. There's always a spot on the roster of any team for a "roll player". I am happy and well rewarded for the special roll I play in using my lips and tongue.