Thursday, August 7, 2014

Humiliating the Wife and Cuckold

I like to enjoy a cuckolding scene.   I want to make it last.  Don't rush things.

You know, most all of the married women I've played with have the same complaint:  their cuckold husbands can't last.  First of all, the cuckolds are terrible at foreplay and then, once they enter their wives they cum in no time.  The selfish little pricks have no self-control.

Fortunately for the wives, I do.

I take charge and put the wives through their paces before I fuck them.  And I make the cuckolds watch when I'm doing this.  You'd be surprised how wet the wives get from the treatment I'm putting them through.

Here's something else, the longer I do it the wetter they get.  They beg me to rip their panties off and fuck them.  That only makes me keep their panties on longer.

Now here's a fun little game I like to play.  I like to fondle and finger their pussies through their panties and feel the panties get soaked.  I do this in plain view of the cuckold, with his wife's ass almost in front of his face.

Then I make the cuckold beg me to suck on my fingers.  Surprising how turned on they get by this little exercise.

Makes me hard too. 


  1. Mmmm. Can you blame us Marc? We love seeing our wives pleased by men. When the men bring us in to the scene it get our little sissy clits as hard as they ever get.



  2. you definitely have this technique down.