Monday, August 11, 2014

Including the Cuckold

It was Janice's idea actually.  Give credit where it's due.  I always thought I was pretty creative when it came to spicing up a scene when it comes to giving the cuckold some humiliating task to perform. 

I actually think Janice has this exhibitionist streak in her.  I know she likes to have her cuckold husband watch us while we're having sex, but deep down I think she'd like to have others in the room while she performs.  It's just a hunch I have.

Anyway, she suggested that we have her cuckold stand on the side of the bed while we screw around and that I take her panties off and hang them on his cock until we were done. 

"I'll wear a g-string since he's not very big" she whispered to me into the phone.  That's my Janice.  I like her sense of humor.

"Are you sure it won't fall off?" I said.

"No way.  You know how hard he gets watching us" she said to me.  Good point.

So the cuckold was already hard and we had just started the foreplay.  I put Janice on all fours and slapped her ass a bit before I started to play with her pussy from behind, making sure I got the panties nice and wet.  As Janice moaned with pleasure, I slapped her ass again and looked at the cuckold and asked "She really loves this doesn't she?"  He knows I expect an answer and said "Yes Sir, she does."

Once the panties were properly dampened, I told her to take them off and give them to me.  I took them and rubbed them between her pussy lips just to get one last does of her juices onto the skimpy little things.

"Kiss 'em" I said as I put the panty in front of the cuckolds lip's.  He did.  Then I hung them on his cock and said "Hold her panties until we're done."

Janice laughed and said "You better fucking not let them fall!"

And there they stayed, throughout our entire lovemaking and until Janice was ready to let the cuckold play with himself.  He squirted into the panty as best he could and cleaned them out before he cleaned her out. 

There's always ways you can include a cuckold if you try hard enough. 


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