Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Instructions to the Cuckold

I was finally able to see Janice last night.  Little bit of a dry spell but not that unusual.  The wives and cuckolds have their own separate lives to lead as do I.  Coordination is difficult sometimes, no matter how horny Janice gets.  But over the weekend, we talked and discovered that the stars would be in alignment for a Monday night date.

For Janice and the cuckold, the foreplay starts as soon as we've set a time and place to meet.  Doesn't matter if that happens a half hour or a week ahead of time.  They both enjoy the games I like to play with the both of them leading up to my arrival.

I was off yesterday and played in one of those four man scramble charity golf tournaments with a "shotgun start."  If you golf you know what I'm talking about.  Those things take a regular four hour round and turn it into a six hour drag-it-out marathon.  Add on some drinks, lunch, a raffle and prizes and your day is shot.  Granted it was for a good cause but I was in a hurry to get laid.  Good thing I was able to text the cuckold my instructions for evening while waiting after every shot.

The back and forth with the cuckold (and Janice) prompted my golfing partners to ask what the hell I was doing and if I had "a hot date tonight."  I told them I did and asked if they were jealous.

I think Janice enjoys these type of mind games more than the cuckold does.  She likes it when I give her some things to do and exercise my authority, but I think she loves it when I do the same to the cuckold.

I sent the cuckold a text message yesterday afternoon that was short and sweet.  Knowing the two of them for more than two years lets me send these abbreviated messages with the knowledge that they'll know what I'm talking about.

Be there at 6.  You full uniform and locked.  J in heels hose collar w/leash and bp on the side.
 The cuckold:
Yes Marc
Send proof when locked and in panties.

 Chastity for the cuckold has been an off and on thing with Janice.  Mostly off for the cuckold.  Recently she's expressed an interest in keeping him locked up more or coming up with a schedule that I would regulate.  I thought this exchange would make her happy and maybe even a bit hornier.

Almost two hours later after the cuckold got home from work and showered he locked himself in and sent me this picture from his phone.  Not the greatest but it does show the outline of the CB through his panties.  Obedience turns me on.

When I arrived the cuckold was in his maids uniform, Janice in heels, hose and a collar with a leash and butt plug on their coffee table in the living room.  I forgot to ask them who put the leash on Janice, whether she did it herself or if the cuckold did it.  I doubt if Janice let him do it but I'll have to find out.

I had Janice make her way to their sofa so that her ass was facing the middle of the room.  On the other side of the sofa was a table which I told the cuckold to move so I could stand directly behind the table facing Janice.  "Get me a crop" I told the cuckold.  He went to their bedroom and returned it to me.  By the time he got back, I'd already taken my cock out of my pants and Janice was busy sucking on it.

I spanked Janice and played with the crop for fifteen minutes or so while the cuckold licked her ass.  My swats would sometimes hit the top of his head even though I did my best not to.  They would knock over the little maids cap he was wearing and he'd pick it up and put it back on only to have it swatted off again.  It was fun watching him go through these motions but once Janice got me close to cumming, I lost all interest in what the cuckold was doing.  

I stopped short of cumming and told the cuckold to hand me the leash.  I snapped it onto her collar and made Janice crawl while following me to their bedroom.  I didn't rush her, leading down the hall so that both the cuckold and I could appreciate her nice ass.  Without saying a word, we left the cuckold there.

I spent about two hours alone with Janice and it was great sex.  Around 8:30 she asked if I wanted to stick around for something to eat and I told her I thought I'd be heading home since I had to work today.  I left the bedroom, said goodbye to the cuckold and gave Janice a goodnight kiss.

I got home and popped a frozen pizza from Trader Joe's into the oven and made myself a vodka tonic.  I suddenly realized that I'd forgotten to use the butt plug I had the cuckold leave out for me.  I hate it when I rush through things, especially sex.


  1. Nice strategic planning there. And getting out the butt plug probably had them both going, even though it was never used. Were both of them thinking it might be used on them? Or is that a treat limited to Janice.

    Sounds like a much better way to spend your evening than at the post golf drinking and dining.


  2. Marc,

    What a hot post. The cuckold is lucky to have you with his wife.

    sissy terri