Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Permissible Forms of Cuckold Sex

When taking control over a cuckold couple's sex life, one has to approach it with a level of reasonableness so that everyone's most basic needs are satisfied.  Even though I expect "fidelity" from the wives I have a relationship with, it would cruel if I didn't allow them to have sex when I'm away or not available.

The same can be said about the cuckold.  Whether they're locked up or not, cuckolds need some type of sex to keep them sane and motivated.  The sex doesn't always have to end in an orgasm (in fact, most of the time it shouldn't) as long as it satisfies their deep emotional need to please their wives.

I've learned over the years that it's important for the wives to have orgasms from the type of cuckold sex I allow them.  Not so much for their own satisfaction, but the cuckold needs to know that he's still able to please his wife in such a way that she gets off.  It helps the cuckolds self esteem.

Here's one of the forms of cuckold sex I let my couples enjoy:

The wives love the head harness and the results it provides.  The cuckolds love the attention.

I even supply the harness and the dildo of the wife's choice.  That way, I don't feel totally left out. 


  1. You really do have this all figured out, Marc.


    1. Not really. Every couple presents an opportunity to learn something new.


  2. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant!