Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Strutting Her Stuff

I mentioned what I perceived to be Janice's exhibitionist fantasies the other day.  Here's another example. 

Not all our sex is long, drawn out and inclusive of the cuckold.  Sometimes it's a little quick BJ or a little more and just the two of us.  These are the times she likes it when I take a quick picture and send it off to the cuckold.  Now, she wants me to take a video on my iPhone to send to him.  WTF?

I love the sex and enjoy the head games we play with the cuckold, but I wasn't planning on needing any audio visual skills when I entered into this arrangement.   I'd rather be focused on the sex rather than framing her lips sucking on my dick correctly.  And I like both hands free, just in case she needs a little encouragement or guidance. 

It might be fun once and awhile but I'm not going to let her make it a habit.  It's more fun when the cuckold takes the pictures in my opinion. 


  1. As a Cuckold of some years now, i always prefer pictures of my Wife and her Lover that are erotic or loving rather than explicit. Such photos can be smiling heads together selfie, the picture of her in the 'special' lingerie i bought for her for their date (especially when taken by him) or that kiss on the beach when we all went to the seaside together (taken by me of course).

    Her Lover once sent me a short vid of her doing pretty much the same as above, but it did nothing for me other than remind me to kiss her when she came home again. Maybe it was a 'turn on', but it didn't seem so at the time and they have not sent one to me since. To be honest, her Lover isn't that good at filming anyway.

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