Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Cuckold's in Chastity

When I last left you, I was wondering how the hell I'd forgotten to put the butt plug to use;  The one I'd instructed the cuckold to have waiting for me when I got to his and Janice's house.  I'd intended to tease the both of them by slowly sliding it into her ass before I led her into the bedroom, leaving both of them to wonder whether or not I was going to take her anally on Monday night.  As it turned out we didn't have anal sex but enjoyed ourselves just the same.

If you recall, the cuckold was left there in his maids uniform and also in chastity.  I'd forgotten about  him being locked up when I left and even though I spoke to Janice several times since then (trying to plan for the weekend if it's possible) the topic never came up.  I assumed she had set the cuckold free and let him have some sort of relief in a way I've already approved.  Face sitting is her favorite by the way.

I was wrong.  Last night Janice sent me a text with this cute little selfie showing the chastity belt's key dangling from her neck.  "Guess what?  The cuckold's still locked" she wrote.  I was on the phone with my son (a lifetime student - just another routine request for funds) at the  time and sent her a quick note expressing my doubts about her claim.  It had been at least 48 hours since the cuckold was locked up.  This would be a new record for him. 

Janice wrote back that it was true and that she told the cuckold it would be up to me when he would be let out again.  When my phone call was over, I wrote back to her that I'd think about it and let her know how to proceed in due time.  I also told her to call me in the morning.

Now Janice is aware of my former cuckolding activities, both the mild and not-so-mild relationships.  She says it's part of her attraction to me, having a lover who understands the whole thing.  So she knows that I've held the keys and controlled the sex lives of cuckolds before. 

Janice called me this morning.  It was a fun conversation.  I'm all too willing to go along with her suggestion as long as things don't get out of hand.  Think what you may I do have some sympathy for the cuckold, probably more than Janice. 

We left it that I'd allow the cuckold out of his chastity belt only after the next time I fucked her.  If he wants out, he better carve out some time for me to have my way with his wife this weekend. 


  1. I'm feeling the cuckold's pain.


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