Thursday, September 4, 2014

Advice to Wives

The advice I'm about to share with wives who are into cuckolding their husbands comes with a few assumptions. 

I assume the following:

  1. The wife is at least somewhat dominant over her husband
  2. The wife is having an affair
  3. The wife enjoys feminizing her husband at least to some degree
  4. The wife is having a hard time figuring out how to "break the ice" about cuckolding with her lover.
Here's my advice:  Buy yourself a pair of panties like these and wear them the next time you're with your lover.

At a minimum, these panties should get the cuckolding conversation going and headed in the right direction.

If they don't, here's my next piece of advice:  Find a new lover.  This one's a total dud. 


  1. Let's not give Molly any ideas!


  2. WC here

    Interesting blog Marc

  3. Love it! Get me prettier panties to wear honey!