Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Cuckolding & The Sign of The Horns

First a chastity update on the poor cuckold.  His initial time locked up wasn't very long.  In my last post I alluded to the fact that he'd have to carve out some time for me to have my way with his wife (Janice) over the weekend in order to be freed from his "torture."

Plans changed and since I was gone for a few days, I had my fun with Janice on Friday night.  It was yummy sex.  Probably yummier for the cuckold if you know what I mean.  So he got let out of the chastity cage and even got to masturbate in front of the two of us.  Is there a better cuckold treat?  Leave that as a hypothetical question.  No need to answer.

But Janice couldn't wait too long to lock him up again.  The family jewels have been locked since Sunday night with no relief planned as of yet. 

Let's move on to today's subject:  Putting the internationally accepted "cuckold symbol" to effective use.

Don't forget to move your hand back and forth!
Most cuckold couples are probably familiar with "The sign of the horns."  The sign is formed by holding the middle and ring fingers down with the thumb while extending the index and little fingers.  Years ago in some cultures when you directed the sign towards someone and moved your hand back and forth it was meant to imply cuckoldry.  In other words, you'd use it to humiliate the person it was directed to and identify him as a cuckold. 

If the cuckold you're dealing with today isn't familiar with the symbol, I'd be surprised.  I'd also make sure he learns about it before you put it to use.  A little wave of the hand by the bull or cuckolder with your hand set this way can help set the tone in either public or private settings.

Once the cuckold is familiar with the symbol you can put it to use in various ways.  It can have a variety of meanings and serve as a prompt for him to do something cuckold-related.  Use your own imagination.

The next step is to indoctrinate and familiarize the wife with other pleasures of the cuckold symbol.  First, comfortably position her on all fours with her ass facing the cuckold.  He should be kneeling behind her, with his hands bound or unbound (I prefer bound) close enough to get a nice view of what's about to take place but not so close as to interfere with it either.

Next, use your favorite high quality lubricant to lube the wife's bottom. "Over-lubing" is never a bad idea.  Using your left hand, spread her cheeks as best you can so the cuckold gets a good look.   Carefully insert your middle and ring fingers into the wife's ass; the deeper the better.  Once they're in deep, position your baby finger on one ass cheek and the index finger on the other.  Instead of your thumb holding down the middle two fingers, it's her lovely ass that does it for you.

Voila!  Is there a better way to let the cuckold see the symbol?  Unlikely.  

Give the wife a good going-over, paying close attention to her sexual arousal and how she responds to your verbal stimulation.  And don't forget to move your hand back and forth either.   Let her feel the cuckold symbol at work.  At the right time, start a little clitoral stimulation and the orgasm should soon follow.

Once she's fully satisfied, I like to make the cuckold clean the lube off my fingers before he does the same to his wife's ass. 

It's a nice little game to play once and a while and a nice reminder of everyone's role.

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  1. Funny, I learn something new in each of your posts. I had never seen that symbol other than as displayed by Texas Longhorn fans. Is there a lot more cuckolding going on in Texas than I suspected? That might explain the Ted Cruz phenomenon.