Sunday, September 7, 2014

Ignoring the Cuckold

With not having seen Janice for several days due to other commitments I had (one of which was a "social" date with a long time lady friend last night) I was eager and excited to see her this morning.  It wasn't first-thing-in-the-morning-wake-up type of sex.  Instead I had the opportunity to hit the gym and overdose on caffeine before stopping in to see her around 8:30.

I think the cuckold's been locked up since midweek so I was sure he was looking forward to some voyeuristic "action" at a minimum and maybe even a little participation.  Unfortunately for him, he got neither.

I know it's important to make an effort to understand and meet the needs of everyone involved in these cuckold relationships and I think I've done that.  But when I'm feeling the kind of arousal I was feeling today it was Janice I wanted, with no distractions. 

I phoned the cuckold and told him to let Janice know I wanted her waiting for me in their bedroom, naked and on all fours and that I'd be there in about 10 minutes.  That was it.

When I arrived the cuckold was dressed in a maids uniform and looking even more submissive than usual.  No doubt he was looking forward to a special cuckold morning.  I said good morning, made my way to the bedroom and locked the door.  Janice was perfectly placed on the bed, her body angled in such an inviting pose and with a pretty smile on her face.  How could I ever focus on anyone else. There wasn't any fluffing needed anyway.  I was quickly rigid and she was already slippery. 

The sex was as good as it gets.  I think both of our urges were in concert.  I wanted to take her so badly and she wanted it even more, or so it seemed.  We had long and satisfying sex.  I'd mostly forgotten about the cuckold until Janice asked me if I thought he was listening by the door. 

After refreshing ourselves we got dressed and decided to step out for a light brunch.  Janice told the cuckold to change the sheets in the bed and we'd be back in a couple of hours. 

I thought about how we'd treated the cuckold and wondered if it was a bit too harsh.  Of course Janice knows him far better than I do and told me I was unnecessarily concerned.  She offered the following explanation.  "Situations like this are good for him.  He's admitted as much even though he doesn't like them.  When we get home you can unlock him and I'll let him masturbate in front of us.  He'll be happy."

Janice is a smart woman.  We did just that and guess what?  We had a happy cuckold. 


  1. I guess there's no need then to encourage the cuckold to consider forming a chapter of the Teamsters Union to represent him and others who are similarly situated.

  2. It can be very arousing to be ignored like that.


  3. the deeper the humiliation the better. Good Job