Sunday, September 14, 2014

Watching the Cuckold

Another week went by that left Janice without a real man to satisfy her needs while the cuckold was locked up and I was unavailable.  Poor thing.  She's beginning to think that I do these things on purpose so that I can convince her to accept controlled chastity just like the cuckold.  "If you can't get laid then why not be locked up" is my philosophy.  She hasn't been convinced of that just yet.

Of course being locked up like the cuckold would dramatically alter her sex life.  When I'm not around she entertains herself with a variety of toys, some of which attach to the cuckold in different ways and of course, the cuckold himself.  His mouth gets quite a workout.

Last Sunday's sex with Janice and the eventual inclusion of the cuckold was so enjoyable that we did it again this morning.  Some fluffing by the cuckold, torrid sex between Janice and I along withcoffee and croissants downtown while the cuckold cleaned the sheets is a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. 

When we got back the cuckold did as he was told and was ready for his reward; release from chastity and releasing a week's worth of pent up sexual frustration.  I had the honor of doing the unlocking.

Watching another man kneel before his wife and stroke himself to an unusually quick orgasm doesn't turn me on at all.  It's never been a fantasy of mine though I've seen it happen quite often.  The control I exert over them adds some spice to what's going on between me and their wives.  But I'm always amazed at how much the wives themselves enjoy it and how it excites them. 

This doesn't happen with every couple of course and it's usually the wives who suggest it.  Today, after the cuckold had pleasured himself Janice was ready for another round of sex.  That was fine with me. 


  1. You do have this routine worked out well, Marc.

    Did you enjoy doing the unlocking?


  2. Your understanding of the cuckold's needs is to be commended, as you enable the cuckold to find fulfillment in service to his wife -- an expression of what I call the Noble Ideal. Please continue blogging -- you have much to offer.

    But I wonder -- is the cuckold ever required to call you "The Real Man?"

  3. Hey Marc.... we miss you. What's up?