Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pre-Thanksgiving Stuffing

With family arriving at Janice's today, Tuesday evening was my last chance to enjoy her (and to a lesser extent the cuckold) until Sunday or Monday of next week. 

Their kids and other family will be around for a few days so it's going to be a full house.  No room or time for the cuckolder.  I can understand that.

So last night Janice seemed to really "want it."  And, the more she wants it, the nastier she gets with the cuckold.  I can't quite figure that out.  It would seem to me that if she wanted it that bad, she'd ignore the cuckold completely and focus solely on the sex between the two of us.  She doesn't do that until she's heaped a ton of abuse and humiliation on the poor cuckold.

When I got to their house and let myself in, Janice was just finishing up a phone call.  I didn't see the cuckold and thought he might be working late or something.  When I asked Janice, she just laughed and said he was tied up in the bedroom.  "He's trussed up like a turkey" was how she put it.

We wasted little time in getting to the bedroom and sure enough, the cuckold was kneeling at the side of the bed with his hands cuffed behind his back, wearing a bra and panties and a pair of Janice's panties placed over his head so that he was looking through the leg openings.  His ankles were also tied together.  Sometimes, like last night, I actually felt bad for the cuckold.  But as usual, I get over it.   We both stripped and climbed onto the bed.

I love to tease Janice with my cock, making her beg for it before I actually slide it into one of her holes.  I also tease the cuckold, making him beg me to fuck his wife.  I tease him more for Janice's pleasure than my own, but it's still fun. 

We were positioned on the bed so that the cuckold had an eye level view of my cock rubbing her pussy.  Sliding it back and forth was driving the both of them crazy.  She'd try to slide back onto it or grab it and shove it into her from behind.  I'd slap her ass firmly telling her she'd get it when I was ready. 

The cuckold, kneeling and cuffed, was unable to do anything about his obvious arousal.  He wasn't in chastity but his little thing was trying to escape from the panties he was wearing.  "I think he likes this more than you do" I told Janice.  "I'm sure he does" she said.  "Why don't undo his hands so he can at least have some fun?" I asked her.  I was surprised she agreed with me.  She went and got the key to the cuffs and let him loose.  "You can play with yourself and cum in the panties" she told him.

Janice got back into position and I continued my teasing.  The cuckold was wanking and to no one's surprise, came before I had even started to slide into Janice.  The poor guy had to watch us well after he had messed the panties. 

In the end, Janice got what she wanted and so did I.  The cuckold made out pretty good also.  He cleaned her to a second orgasm and got the opportunity to get me hard again for another round with Janice. 

When it was all over I'd say the cuckold was the big winner, even though Janice was the one who got stuffed.

Funny how these things works.

Happy Thanksgiving.


  1. You are a very compassionate cuckolder, what with all that sympathy for the cuck.


  2. Mmmm, You are a truly wonderful Bull for acknowledging that a cuck has needs too, it is so nice to see that you're a man that understands that.


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  4. Marc,
    You are a very good writer. Thanks for the wonderful stories.

  5. Heh heh.. what a good night for all
    sara e