Monday, December 1, 2014

Fun Without the Cuckold

I'm looking forward to seeing Janice tonight.  The poor girl hasn't had a decent sized cock to play with since last Tuesday.   Abstinence like that makes her especially good in bed.  When it's more than a week she's even harder to control but somehow I manage. 

It's going to be fun because likewise, I haven't gotten any since last Tuesday either.  Two horny parties make for a good time.

Something's going to be missing though.  The cuckold's on a short business trip and should be back on Thursday.  The cuckolder is going to miss the little guy.

If this were just a normal run-of-the-mill extramarital affair, the two of us would be jumping up and down with glee that the husband is out of town.  "We have the whole week to ourselves!" she'd say.  I know because I've heard that before in my younger years.   But now that we're both hooked by the kinky appeal of cuckolding, tonight's probably going to be a little too vanilla four our tastes.

We'll just have to find a way to spice things up a little bit.  Here are a couple of ideas I've thought about this morning...

  • Have the cuckold call wifey at an appointed time and he can listen in to our lovemaking
  • Skype with him?
  • Text some kinky pictures of wifey enjoying herself
  • Let him hear the spanking I intend to administer on wifey
Perverse?  Maybe. But I can assure you Janice probably can and will top these suggestions.

She may want to ignore him altogether.  If so, I'll just have to struggle through it.  I'll do my best to provide her and myself with a bit of kink.