Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bedtime Reading

Weekdays are typically slow for me in the cuckolding department.  Both Janice and the cuckold have full time jobs and Janice happens to be out of town for a few days.  My interaction with the cuckold has been limited to my role as his "keyholder" this week, something that Janice decided upon at the last minute.

Other than an emergency key at their house which she will easily be able to tell if it's been used, I have the three other keys.  She's making the cuckold wear this cage to work where there's no metal detectors to go through.  "You can only get out if it's an emergency or if Marc says you can" said Janet.  So far I haven't heard from him.

In my free time this week I've surfed around tumblr, getting my fires stoked by so many lovely pictures that feature beautiful women, many of them on sites that feature cuckolding themes.  It really is a treasure trove for those of us with a living interest in the topic.  Thus far I've mostly focused on tumblr sites owned by some of the blogs I follow, but the entire site is really a labyrinth of passages with links to other sites, it's hard for a horny old goat like me to stay focused!

I've even considered starting my own site.  I could do plenty of re-blogging or re-posting of pictures that cause a bit of stirring for me, but what I really would like to do is convince Janice to make herself available for a little digital photography session. 

In the meantime, it is nice to know that a few of my readers who have their own blogs enjoy reading mine.  Some enjoy it so much that they've begun to include it as part of their foreplay.  In a couple of cases it's nice to know that I've made some cuckolds job easier by assisting gently in the arousal of their Mistress' or wives.

Armed with nothing but their laptops, some classy lingerie and the cuckold attentively by their side, they're ready to enjoy my posts.  By the time the cuckold takes his place, he's almost halfway to completing his assigned task which is to bring his Mistress to a resounding climax.

Here's a suggestion for those of you wanna-be cuckolds whose wives haven't quite yet experienced the real thing:  Suggest that your wives read my blog while relaxing in bed.  They'll probably have you between their lovely thighs in no time and having a grand old time.

For the both of you, it might be the next best thing to my being there.

Photo courtesy of the tumblr site Under Contract to My Wife, where sometimes you'll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the lovely Mistress Molly enjoying these pages.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Soaking Her Panties

It has to be the taboo and the thrill that comes with extramarital sex,  but women tend to cum so much easier with their lovers than their husbands.  Or so they tell me.  And based upon the couples I've played with where the cuckold is present, I'd say it's true.

In one of my earliest posts I mentioned how much I liked to tease wives (and their cuckolds) with some digital stimulation while they keep their panties on.  It only makes them want to be fucked more if you make them wait.  They get wetter and wetter.  And I have a thing for seeing panties get soaked because of me.  It really quite a thrill for me.  There's also plenty of humiliation involved for both Janice and the cuckold when we do this.

Last night I got Janice to cum twice while still in nothing but her panties.  That's right...two times while the cuckold knelt beside us and watched.  Janice also seemed quite thrilled watching me have the cuckold suck my fingers clean whenever I felt they needed it.  Janice even prodded him - "Suck his fingers clean bitch so he can make me cum again."  What can I say, she is quite the woman.

But it was the second orgasm that really soaked her panties.  My fingers were busy manipulating the cute white panties she was wearing and rubbing them between her lips and on her clit while she begged for my cock.  After the orgasm, I peeled them off of her and stuff them into the cuckolds mouth.

He knelt by the bed while I finally gave into Janice and let her feel a real man inside of her.

The cuckold knelt and watched quietly with the wet panties as a gag.

It's nice knowing I can arouse the both of them.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dinner for the Cuckold

Finally got to spend some time with Janice and the cuckold.  A visit from my daughter and her boyfriend who like her, seems to be very committed to spending most of his adult life as a student, coupled with a busy schedule for the cuck couple made it hard to get together.

But when we finally did it was quite fun.  Janice hasn't changed one bit since we've reunited after some time apart.  She's as creative and kinky as ever when it comes to jerking the cuckold around.  Here's the latest example of one her humiliating jokes: 

Janice tells the cuckold that I'm coming over and bringing dinner.  Of course, I'm in on the joke and when I get there, I'm empty handed except a very good bottle of wine ($45).

Naturally, after letting me in the cuckold looks confused and says "Janice said you were bringing dinner.  Should I get something ready?"

"He did bring dinner" Janice chimes in as she strolls into the room in nothing but high heels, her nicely rounded breasts jiggling perfectly and comes over and gives me a kiss.  Turning to the cuckold she tells him "He brought dinner for you!"  This she says as she grabs my crotch.

Always one to enjoy the moment and set the scene, Janice says I'll be serving dinner in the dining room and the cuckold should help me get it ready.  In other words, she wanted it on the dining room table.

After a slap on the ass, she tells the cuckold to get a table cloth for the table.  He does, she climbs on and gets on all fours.  I get in on the act and tell the cuck to get to work and get Janice ready "all over."  That means front and back, just in case I want to take her backside.

I watch the cuckold and play with Janice's tits while he licks and she moans.   It doesn't take long for her to get ready. She was dripping when she climbed onto the table.

I slip off my sandals and tell the cuck to undo the belt on my dockers and pull them down.  He does, then pulls my briefs down.  Folds them both and lays them on one of the chairs neatly.

"Go upstairs and get me some lube" I tell him.  He leaves, I tell Janice to roll onto her back, pull her to the head of the table and then more or less "belly up to the bar" and slide into her, screwing her right on their dining room table and under a very nice chandelier. 

Janice was loud.  Real loud.  And cumming.  Often. 

I finally explode and realize that the cuckold is at the entrance to the dining room with the lube in his had.  Not sure how long he was there but I think he enjoyed the show!

"Have a seat" I told him.  He knew what it meant.  He sat at the head of the table and dove right in to clean up his appropriately fucked wife.

Dinner for the cuckold.  He really enjoyed it.

Dinner for us?  We sent him out for Chinese food. 

By the time he came back I'd used the lube on Janice's plump butt and left him another appetizer before we took out the chopsticks. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Behind His Back

We had sex last night without the cuckold but not without his knowledge.  The biggest decision Janice and I had to make was where to have the sex.  Her place or mine.  Since I wasn't doing much of anything yesterday afternoon I decided to meet her at her house.  I have a key again so I just let myself in and made myself at home.

The cuckold now has a Monday night golf league he plays in so having sex with his wife while he's doing that is a nice but indirect way to establish one of my new cuckold rules - the one where I don't want him bothering us all the time asking to be included. 

The sex with Janice was great and a reminder of how brilliant of a decision I made to come back to her!  How did I do without this type of sex for so long?  She even told me that my sexual abilities haven't dropped off one bit.  "They might even be better" she thought.  Well neither have hers.  I hope this lasts and that one of us doesn't screw things up again!

When we were without the cuckold in the past, Janice usually took the opportunity to scheme up some sort of plan to humiliate the cuck.  In that regard she hasn't changed.  If anything she's even a bit more sinister.  The poor guy was probably having a hard time concentrating on his golf game knowing his wife was with me doing whatever I told her too.  I can only imagine what he would have thought if he knew what she was planning for him!

I told Janice I couldn't believe some of the things she wanted to do.  So she says "I'm really only doing it for you."  I had to laugh.  As if.  Then she reminded me of my first ever post on this blog where I wrote that sissy cuckolds were my favorite.  So you can probably guess some of the things she has planned for poor hubby. 

Naturally, some of them involve me while others don't.  I did have to remind Janice not to go overboard and smother the poor guy.  "This is more about us you know" I told her. 

She agreed and sucked my cock one more time before I left.  I think her pussy was just a little sore. 

I'm sure the cuckold tended to it when he got home.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Saturday Night Kink

Now that I'm back in their lives (I know I never left their minds) Janice and the cuckold both admitted that Saturday nights are fun again.  Vanilla friends are important to have.  They're even necessary.  But when you have a sexual appetite the size of Janice's, a kinky partner-in-crime is also a must have.

With Janice's panties draped over his head, the cuckold showed his appreciation for my return by getting my cock ready for her, but not before I slid the panties over a bit so that the leg opening would be centered right over his waiting and willing mouth.  In my last post I wrote that having a cuckold suck my cock rarely interests me.  Last night it did.  So the cuckold did it.

The preparation of my tool for his wife may have been the highlight of his evening, but it certainly wasn't the highlight of mine.  By the time Janice's wet panties found their way to becoming a sort of "hat" for the cuckold, she'd already had at least two orgasms and "suffered" through two separate spankings.  All of this without ever even enjoying the feel or touch of my cock.  Some women are easier than others. 

Earlier yesterday I was wondering just what I would do with the cuckold couple that night when I got an excellent suggestion by reading the Married Sissy blog where the bull over there was likely going to give the sissy's wife a spanking, supposedly in honor of something called Consensual Spanking Day.  My creative juices began to flow.

I really think Janice came from the first spanking but I wasn't quite sure.  She's quite vocal and gets incredibly wet so I can't always figure out if she's cumming or not.  Kind of a nice problem to have isn't it?  I also immediately invited the cuckold in to watch the wife get spanked, even though my cuckold rules hinted that I wouldn't.  But honestly, disciplining a cuckold's wife while he watches turns me on.  So I did it. 

When I'd had enough of the cuckold on my cock, I had Janice replace him.  He just knelt close by since he hadn't been dismissed yet.  That came later when I told Janice to crawl onto the bed and the cuckold to leave the room.

They both did exactly as they were told.  The cuckold even kept her panties on his head.

It was one of the better Saturday evenings I've had in quite some time.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cuckold Rules

I hope I'm not getting myself into the same situation all over again.  You know, where the cuckold gets his panties in a twist and gets all wimpy about the way things are going.  Because this time it's not going to be my fault.  I'm just going to tell him to blame someone else - like his wife.

Janice's kinks are pretty much in line with mine.  The big difference is that I can control mine.  I really don't think she can. She says it's because of the effect I have on her.  Very flattering but I think it's more that when it comes to sex her brains are between her legs.

Both she and the cuckold are "totally serious about chastity now."  Last night the cuckold was on his knees begging me to be the so-called keyholder.  Could be that he thinks I'm less sadistic then Janice and would let him out more often than she would. 

Told him I had a few demands of my own and if he wanted me to keep him locked, he'd have to do more than beg.  It's amazing what a real submissive cuckold will agree to.   Some of these things I'll probably never ask the cuckold to do, but I have it on record and hanging over his head because he agreed to:

  • Suck my cock on demand (something that rarely interests me)
  • Lick my ass if I tell him to (Janice wants to see this far more than I do)
  • Never, ever, ever ask me to be included in the sex I have with Janice - "Don't call us, we'll call you" I told him.
  • Wear panties all the time.
  • No cumming without my permission (this one I kind of like).
  • No sex of any kind with Janice without my permission.  "You want to lick her pussy or me or text me to get my permission" (I like this one too.)
  • No whining or acting like a wimp.
  • Call me "Sir" all the time.
  • I can change, delete, or add to these any time I want.
He agreed.  I snapped the lock shut, fucked Janice and slept in their bed. 

Not a word from the cuckold. 

We're off to a good start. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

It's a Tough Job

Being a cuckolder, bull, stud or whatever you may choose to call us, is pretty damn hard work.  I wish it was as simple as having sex they way you wanted it and when you wanted it.  No extra baggage.  It's not that way at all.

My on and off sexual relations with Janice are on again.  About two weeks after my last post we made a joint decision to stop seeing each other.  The reason:  The cuckold was having a hard time dealing with it emotionally.  I don't care how many times I've told him that I have no intentions of taking his wife, or how many times Janice has told him she doesn't want to leave him, he still doesn't get it.

And the most irritating aspect of the whole thing was that this cuckolding thing was his idea in the first place.  And then he can't handle it.  He begs for the humiliation and then it's too much.  Give me a break.

But the thing is, I really like Janice.  And she really likes me.  Not loves me, but likes me.  Likes me as a person but loves me as a lover.

So here I was missing her, and there she was missing me.  I wanted to call her but didn't.  She wanted to call me but didn't.

Two weeks ago we bump into one another at one of these overpriced coffee roaster places.  I'm standing in line waiting to order a large black coffee while everyone in front of me is ordering a double shot of this, a triple shot of that, etc. when suddenly I feel a poke in my back.   So I turn.....

"The cuckold misses you" a gorgeous woman in sunglasses tells me.  It's Janice.

We hug - probably a little more than we should have in public - and sit down for coffee.

Long story short, we're back together again.  This time, the cuckold has his emotions in check.

I just hope I don't go overboard with my humiliations this time!