Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bedtime Reading

Weekdays are typically slow for me in the cuckolding department.  Both Janice and the cuckold have full time jobs and Janice happens to be out of town for a few days.  My interaction with the cuckold has been limited to my role as his "keyholder" this week, something that Janice decided upon at the last minute.

Other than an emergency key at their house which she will easily be able to tell if it's been used, I have the three other keys.  She's making the cuckold wear this cage to work where there's no metal detectors to go through.  "You can only get out if it's an emergency or if Marc says you can" said Janet.  So far I haven't heard from him.

In my free time this week I've surfed around tumblr, getting my fires stoked by so many lovely pictures that feature beautiful women, many of them on sites that feature cuckolding themes.  It really is a treasure trove for those of us with a living interest in the topic.  Thus far I've mostly focused on tumblr sites owned by some of the blogs I follow, but the entire site is really a labyrinth of passages with links to other sites, it's hard for a horny old goat like me to stay focused!

I've even considered starting my own site.  I could do plenty of re-blogging or re-posting of pictures that cause a bit of stirring for me, but what I really would like to do is convince Janice to make herself available for a little digital photography session. 

In the meantime, it is nice to know that a few of my readers who have their own blogs enjoy reading mine.  Some enjoy it so much that they've begun to include it as part of their foreplay.  In a couple of cases it's nice to know that I've made some cuckolds job easier by assisting gently in the arousal of their Mistress' or wives.

Armed with nothing but their laptops, some classy lingerie and the cuckold attentively by their side, they're ready to enjoy my posts.  By the time the cuckold takes his place, he's almost halfway to completing his assigned task which is to bring his Mistress to a resounding climax.

Here's a suggestion for those of you wanna-be cuckolds whose wives haven't quite yet experienced the real thing:  Suggest that your wives read my blog while relaxing in bed.  They'll probably have you between their lovely thighs in no time and having a grand old time.

For the both of you, it might be the next best thing to my being there.

Photo courtesy of the tumblr site Under Contract to My Wife, where sometimes you'll be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the lovely Mistress Molly enjoying these pages.


  1. Molly was somewhat surprised to find her image on her bedtime reading, Marc. But I must say it does help prime the pump, so to speak. We'll chalk you up with another assist!

    BTW, has the cuckold said how he reacts to you holding the key?


    1. Haven't spoken to the cuckold so I assume he's doing just fine. Janice is also keeping tabs on his status.

      I don't mind assisting, but you and Mistress seem to do pretty well on your own.


  2. You are giving Judy a few ideas to work on with Stan.


  3. Marc,
    You are a great writer. Thanks for the reading material.