Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Behind His Back

We had sex last night without the cuckold but not without his knowledge.  The biggest decision Janice and I had to make was where to have the sex.  Her place or mine.  Since I wasn't doing much of anything yesterday afternoon I decided to meet her at her house.  I have a key again so I just let myself in and made myself at home.

The cuckold now has a Monday night golf league he plays in so having sex with his wife while he's doing that is a nice but indirect way to establish one of my new cuckold rules - the one where I don't want him bothering us all the time asking to be included. 

The sex with Janice was great and a reminder of how brilliant of a decision I made to come back to her!  How did I do without this type of sex for so long?  She even told me that my sexual abilities haven't dropped off one bit.  "They might even be better" she thought.  Well neither have hers.  I hope this lasts and that one of us doesn't screw things up again!

When we were without the cuckold in the past, Janice usually took the opportunity to scheme up some sort of plan to humiliate the cuck.  In that regard she hasn't changed.  If anything she's even a bit more sinister.  The poor guy was probably having a hard time concentrating on his golf game knowing his wife was with me doing whatever I told her too.  I can only imagine what he would have thought if he knew what she was planning for him!

I told Janice I couldn't believe some of the things she wanted to do.  So she says "I'm really only doing it for you."  I had to laugh.  As if.  Then she reminded me of my first ever post on this blog where I wrote that sissy cuckolds were my favorite.  So you can probably guess some of the things she has planned for poor hubby. 

Naturally, some of them involve me while others don't.  I did have to remind Janice not to go overboard and smother the poor guy.  "This is more about us you know" I told her. 

She agreed and sucked my cock one more time before I left.  I think her pussy was just a little sore. 

I'm sure the cuckold tended to it when he got home.


  1. Molly is very interested in whether you've posted. She just read the blog while I provided my distinctive oral services. But I think she was a little disappointed.

    "He doesn't provide a lot of details, slave....." But ultimately it seemed to "get her there".


    1. Sorry Mick, but it sounds like Molly was just as disappointed in your own performance as she was in my lack of details. Most wives with cuckolds do need a little something extra to "get there."

      I'll keep that in mind next time.


  2. Yes. More details please.

    sissy pet