Thursday, August 6, 2015

Cuckold Rules

I hope I'm not getting myself into the same situation all over again.  You know, where the cuckold gets his panties in a twist and gets all wimpy about the way things are going.  Because this time it's not going to be my fault.  I'm just going to tell him to blame someone else - like his wife.

Janice's kinks are pretty much in line with mine.  The big difference is that I can control mine.  I really don't think she can. She says it's because of the effect I have on her.  Very flattering but I think it's more that when it comes to sex her brains are between her legs.

Both she and the cuckold are "totally serious about chastity now."  Last night the cuckold was on his knees begging me to be the so-called keyholder.  Could be that he thinks I'm less sadistic then Janice and would let him out more often than she would. 

Told him I had a few demands of my own and if he wanted me to keep him locked, he'd have to do more than beg.  It's amazing what a real submissive cuckold will agree to.   Some of these things I'll probably never ask the cuckold to do, but I have it on record and hanging over his head because he agreed to:

  • Suck my cock on demand (something that rarely interests me)
  • Lick my ass if I tell him to (Janice wants to see this far more than I do)
  • Never, ever, ever ask me to be included in the sex I have with Janice - "Don't call us, we'll call you" I told him.
  • Wear panties all the time.
  • No cumming without my permission (this one I kind of like).
  • No sex of any kind with Janice without my permission.  "You want to lick her pussy or me or text me to get my permission" (I like this one too.)
  • No whining or acting like a wimp.
  • Call me "Sir" all the time.
  • I can change, delete, or add to these any time I want.
He agreed.  I snapped the lock shut, fucked Janice and slept in their bed. 

Not a word from the cuckold. 

We're off to a good start. 

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  1. You have turned a new page here, Mark. Very impressive.