Thursday, August 20, 2015

Dinner for the Cuckold

Finally got to spend some time with Janice and the cuckold.  A visit from my daughter and her boyfriend who like her, seems to be very committed to spending most of his adult life as a student, coupled with a busy schedule for the cuck couple made it hard to get together.

But when we finally did it was quite fun.  Janice hasn't changed one bit since we've reunited after some time apart.  She's as creative and kinky as ever when it comes to jerking the cuckold around.  Here's the latest example of one her humiliating jokes: 

Janice tells the cuckold that I'm coming over and bringing dinner.  Of course, I'm in on the joke and when I get there, I'm empty handed except a very good bottle of wine ($45).

Naturally, after letting me in the cuckold looks confused and says "Janice said you were bringing dinner.  Should I get something ready?"

"He did bring dinner" Janice chimes in as she strolls into the room in nothing but high heels, her nicely rounded breasts jiggling perfectly and comes over and gives me a kiss.  Turning to the cuckold she tells him "He brought dinner for you!"  This she says as she grabs my crotch.

Always one to enjoy the moment and set the scene, Janice says I'll be serving dinner in the dining room and the cuckold should help me get it ready.  In other words, she wanted it on the dining room table.

After a slap on the ass, she tells the cuckold to get a table cloth for the table.  He does, she climbs on and gets on all fours.  I get in on the act and tell the cuck to get to work and get Janice ready "all over."  That means front and back, just in case I want to take her backside.

I watch the cuckold and play with Janice's tits while he licks and she moans.   It doesn't take long for her to get ready. She was dripping when she climbed onto the table.

I slip off my sandals and tell the cuck to undo the belt on my dockers and pull them down.  He does, then pulls my briefs down.  Folds them both and lays them on one of the chairs neatly.

"Go upstairs and get me some lube" I tell him.  He leaves, I tell Janice to roll onto her back, pull her to the head of the table and then more or less "belly up to the bar" and slide into her, screwing her right on their dining room table and under a very nice chandelier. 

Janice was loud.  Real loud.  And cumming.  Often. 

I finally explode and realize that the cuckold is at the entrance to the dining room with the lube in his had.  Not sure how long he was there but I think he enjoyed the show!

"Have a seat" I told him.  He knew what it meant.  He sat at the head of the table and dove right in to clean up his appropriately fucked wife.

Dinner for the cuckold.  He really enjoyed it.

Dinner for us?  We sent him out for Chinese food. 

By the time he came back I'd used the lube on Janice's plump butt and left him another appetizer before we took out the chopsticks. 


  1. sandals? I'm not sure Molly would approve. She doesn't believe men should show toe cleavage.
    But I think you might be able to persuade her otherwise.


  2. Hot scene Marc! Got the cuckold emotions going here.

    sissy terri

  3. Ha ha!! What a "set up"! :) Luv her telling cuck to get the table cloth!! So humiliating overall ... sara e

  4. Mmm, it is soooooo nice to read a blog from a real man's perspective, i love it when our bull master tells me his creampie is my 'hot lunch, cucky boi, come and get it'. It is so nice to have You back blogging Sir, You are a truly wonderful and dominant bull master.


  5. Sounds like this was quite a bit of fun....I would have enjoyed it :)