Monday, August 24, 2015

Soaking Her Panties

It has to be the taboo and the thrill that comes with extramarital sex,  but women tend to cum so much easier with their lovers than their husbands.  Or so they tell me.  And based upon the couples I've played with where the cuckold is present, I'd say it's true.

In one of my earliest posts I mentioned how much I liked to tease wives (and their cuckolds) with some digital stimulation while they keep their panties on.  It only makes them want to be fucked more if you make them wait.  They get wetter and wetter.  And I have a thing for seeing panties get soaked because of me.  It really quite a thrill for me.  There's also plenty of humiliation involved for both Janice and the cuckold when we do this.

Last night I got Janice to cum twice while still in nothing but her panties.  That's right...two times while the cuckold knelt beside us and watched.  Janice also seemed quite thrilled watching me have the cuckold suck my fingers clean whenever I felt they needed it.  Janice even prodded him - "Suck his fingers clean bitch so he can make me cum again."  What can I say, she is quite the woman.

But it was the second orgasm that really soaked her panties.  My fingers were busy manipulating the cute white panties she was wearing and rubbing them between her lips and on her clit while she begged for my cock.  After the orgasm, I peeled them off of her and stuff them into the cuckolds mouth.

He knelt by the bed while I finally gave into Janice and let her feel a real man inside of her.

The cuckold knelt and watched quietly with the wet panties as a gag.

It's nice knowing I can arouse the both of them.


  1. That was a hit in our bed tonight, Marc.


  2. So glad that you are back with more stories to share. This one is especially delicious.

  3. I've had Judy's wet panties on my head, as a gag and even made to wear them. It's a creative way to humiliate the cuckold.