Sunday, August 9, 2015

Saturday Night Kink

Now that I'm back in their lives (I know I never left their minds) Janice and the cuckold both admitted that Saturday nights are fun again.  Vanilla friends are important to have.  They're even necessary.  But when you have a sexual appetite the size of Janice's, a kinky partner-in-crime is also a must have.

With Janice's panties draped over his head, the cuckold showed his appreciation for my return by getting my cock ready for her, but not before I slid the panties over a bit so that the leg opening would be centered right over his waiting and willing mouth.  In my last post I wrote that having a cuckold suck my cock rarely interests me.  Last night it did.  So the cuckold did it.

The preparation of my tool for his wife may have been the highlight of his evening, but it certainly wasn't the highlight of mine.  By the time Janice's wet panties found their way to becoming a sort of "hat" for the cuckold, she'd already had at least two orgasms and "suffered" through two separate spankings.  All of this without ever even enjoying the feel or touch of my cock.  Some women are easier than others. 

Earlier yesterday I was wondering just what I would do with the cuckold couple that night when I got an excellent suggestion by reading the Married Sissy blog where the bull over there was likely going to give the sissy's wife a spanking, supposedly in honor of something called Consensual Spanking Day.  My creative juices began to flow.

I really think Janice came from the first spanking but I wasn't quite sure.  She's quite vocal and gets incredibly wet so I can't always figure out if she's cumming or not.  Kind of a nice problem to have isn't it?  I also immediately invited the cuckold in to watch the wife get spanked, even though my cuckold rules hinted that I wouldn't.  But honestly, disciplining a cuckold's wife while he watches turns me on.  So I did it. 

When I'd had enough of the cuckold on my cock, I had Janice replace him.  He just knelt close by since he hadn't been dismissed yet.  That came later when I told Janice to crawl onto the bed and the cuckold to leave the room.

They both did exactly as they were told.  The cuckold even kept her panties on his head.

It was one of the better Saturday evenings I've had in quite some time.


  1. Glad to see you've provided some new direction for their lives. Sounds like they did miss you.


  2. Well done. Looks like you left both of them satisfied.


  3. You certainly know how to treat cuckold couples.


  4. You write with such arrogance. No wonder the cuckold had a difficult time dealing with this. I'm sure this will happen again. You're like the Donald Trump of cuckolding.

  5. Love the "panty hat" and humiliation.. heh sara e

  6. A very interesting post. More than arrogance, it's an understanding of the cuckolding dynamic and who needs what.

    sissy terri