Saturday, September 26, 2015

Cuckold Sleepovers

Janice and the cuckold are sleeping over tonight.  We've only done this once before so it's a bit unique.  Janice has slept over often and left the cuckold behind, enjoying the feeling of having sex with me while he was home alone.

I have no problem with him staying over and I'll be sure to include him in some way, but Janice is starting to be a bit demanding.  "Plan something special for him" She told me this morning.  I wasn't happy with her tone.  Just a bit too demanding for my style.

"Like what?" I had to ask.

"I don't know.  Think of something."  She goes on to tell me how creative I am when it comes to stuff like this.

The cuckold is going to be cooking dinner here.  Steaks on the grill, mushrooms and some salad are on the menu.  I'll have to find a creative way to reward him for his efforts, depending on how dinner turns out.

But there's a good chance they'll be here by late afternoon, giving me and Janice time to have our first round of sex before dinner.

I know it's backwards, but the cuckold will probably get dessert before dinner.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Still Cuckolding

Much to Janice's delight (and probably to a lesser extent the cuckold's) we're all still happily together, though I haven't had the time or sometimes the urge to write much about it.  But with an unusually rainy afternoon here, and impending date over at Janice's tonight I've suddenly found the urge.

The chastized cuckold is in charge of dinner and anything other responsibility we decide to heap upon him.  He's going to be in "sissy mode" tonight according to Janice.  "Make sure you tell him how pretty he looks when you get here" she told me.  Anything to keep them happy and available right?

Chastity is now a big thing with Janice as she keeps the cuckold locked as much as possible.  She's yet to insist upon the meticulous record keeping that Terry has to do over at A Married Sissy, but I wouldn't be surprised if soon the cuckold's time locked begins to rival Terry's.  I'm basing that on just how much Janice seems to like this arrangement.

Once last week while sucking my cock, she plopped her ass teasingly on the the cuckold's caged cock while he lay prone below us.  His face was somewhere below my crotch, staring up at Janice's busy mouth while she wiggled her butt over his locked cock.  The end result?  A lovely facial for Janice that the cuckold got to lick off.

Serving me this way satisfied Janice, but only temporarily.  After a breather, the two of us were in the bedroom where she begged for and received it doggy style.

The cuckold got to clean up again, just in different places.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Doing it My Way

I find myself on the east coast this weekend while Janice is on the west with the cuckold.  After her return from a business trip last week we spent much of the weekend having sex making up for all that lost time.   It's been a long time since I've had so much sex over a period of two days.  Both of us were apparently very much in the mood.

Not surprisingly, the amount of sex I had with Janice also kept the cuckold pretty busy and very well fed.  Most all of the cuckold's involvement and participation was at Janice's insistence (her desire to humiliate and tease the cuckold never ceases to amaze me) but I have to admit there were times I did enjoy having him nearby.

But no situation is perfect.  Some are close (like this one at times) but there are always a few little things that just aren't exactly the way you want them.  What I mean is that there are some things that Janice just loves to do that I'm not equally thrilled about.  I don't mind them, but they're not high on my sexual bucket list and some not present at all.  I'm sort of ambivalent towards them.  But for her sake as well as the cuckold's, I go along.

Janice along with many other women, love to have their cuckold husbands guide my cock into their pussies.  I get the humiliation aspect of it and I even have some fun doing it, but it is kind of a nuisance when I finally decide to give Janice what she wants.  My cock needs no guidance.  It knows where it's going.

Another thing about this cock-guiding-by-the-cuckold that I don't particularly like is that it hamper's my ability to tease.  After finally telling her I'm ready to slide my cock into her, I like to reserve the right to let her feel the head slip in but withhold it a little longer.  Repetitive teasing and the begging that comes along with it feels great.  Janice loves it when I finally let her have it.  Having the cuckold's fumbling hands on and off my cock as I go through this is another nuisance.

So last week when Janice called the cuckold off his knees to help insert my cock into her pussy, I let him guide it in just a little bit before I pulled it out.  "Lick the head" I told the cuckold.  Janice's eyes focused on the cuckold licking my head.

"Who's it taste like?" I asked him.

"Janice" he said.

"Who's Janice?" I asked.

"My wife" he answered sheepishly.

"You want me to fuck her?" I laughed.

"Yes Sir" he answered.

"Then guide my cock into her pussy" I ordered him.

The cuckold did as he was told and I slid in half way as Janice moaned.  I told the cuckold to get off the bed and back on his knees before I pulled out again and continued to tease Janice.

Turns out we ended up doing it my way.