Monday, September 21, 2015

Still Cuckolding

Much to Janice's delight (and probably to a lesser extent the cuckold's) we're all still happily together, though I haven't had the time or sometimes the urge to write much about it.  But with an unusually rainy afternoon here, and impending date over at Janice's tonight I've suddenly found the urge.

The chastized cuckold is in charge of dinner and anything other responsibility we decide to heap upon him.  He's going to be in "sissy mode" tonight according to Janice.  "Make sure you tell him how pretty he looks when you get here" she told me.  Anything to keep them happy and available right?

Chastity is now a big thing with Janice as she keeps the cuckold locked as much as possible.  She's yet to insist upon the meticulous record keeping that Terry has to do over at A Married Sissy, but I wouldn't be surprised if soon the cuckold's time locked begins to rival Terry's.  I'm basing that on just how much Janice seems to like this arrangement.

Once last week while sucking my cock, she plopped her ass teasingly on the the cuckold's caged cock while he lay prone below us.  His face was somewhere below my crotch, staring up at Janice's busy mouth while she wiggled her butt over his locked cock.  The end result?  A lovely facial for Janice that the cuckold got to lick off.

Serving me this way satisfied Janice, but only temporarily.  After a breather, the two of us were in the bedroom where she begged for and received it doggy style.

The cuckold got to clean up again, just in different places.


  1. Hot scene. Janice is quite a find for you. She has great cuckolding instincts. Yours aren't bad either.


  2. Glad to hear that some cuckold is going mano a mano with Terri when it comes to cage time. Lucky it's not me!