Saturday, November 7, 2015

In Retrospect....

The cuckold sleepover wasn't a very good idea. 

The afternoon started out with some very straightforward sex with Janice, if you call having a submissive sissy cuckold sucking your cock before you fuck his wife straightforward.  I dismissed him when I was fully erect, told him to leave and get some things ready for dinner and spent the next hour with Janice.  So far so good.

Dinner was great.  The cuckold looking quite submissive serving us in one of those cheap maids uniform you buy around Halloween.  Janice promised him to get him a better one.  Works for me too.

All went well until it was time for bed.  Janice asked me to be creative when it came to the cuckold so I thought I'd take out a sleeping bag and tell him to sleep at the foot of my bed.  I had sex again with Janice while he lay in the sleeping bag (told him not to watch) and when it was over had him clean us both.  Still going pretty well.

Problem was, I couldn't sleep with him tossing around on the floor by the bed.  Thirty minutes, then an hour passed when I finally said I'd had it and told him to go sleep in one of the other bedrooms.  That was the start of "the argument."

The end of "the argument" didn't come until nearly five weeks later.  We officially "made up" on Halloween, this time at their house.

The cuckold passed out candy at the front door while Janice and I were in the bedroom.

But before I bedded her, there was some punishment to dole out. 

She'd been a bad girl.