Friday, August 12, 2016

Where Was I?

The simple answer - right here all along.

The complex answer - not worth getting into.  Let's just say the longer you're away from blogging, the harder it is to get back into it.

I wish I had the "staying power" that some of the other bloggers do but I don't.  Fortunately, my "staying power" resides elsewhere, keeping Janice and the cuckold very happy.

Not much has changed since I last posted.  With their kids not around much anymore, I'm spending more time sleeping over their place these days.  It's not really a "Bull moves in" type of scenario but I do sleep over whenever I want to and when I do the cuckold moves to his/her own room.  No more sleeping at the foot of the bed in their bedroom.  It's my bedroom when I'm there.

"Her" because the cuckold is dress much of the time when I'm around.  Works for me.   My very first post here talked about how  sissy cuckolds are my favorite!

Janice continues to get off on being spanked and other kinky things, relishing it even more when the cuckold is made to watch me have my way with her.  I'm never abusive but always in charge.  She gets wet and the cuckold gets hard, but not that hard.

The cuckold's in chastity most of the time now.  Keys are in my hands and Janice's with some emergency keys hanging around.  So when I say the cuckold gets hard its relative to the size of his device.

I haven't seen my other lady friend since just after the holidays.  Her choice.  Can't say I blame her.  She knew I had something on the side with Janice and finally said she'd had enough.  She was the assertive type, my age, accomplished, professional and classy.  Not the "cuckqueen" type.

So there you have it.  You're up to date on most everything save for a few funny cuckolding things that took place.  I'll try to fill you in on those in the coming weeks or months.

In the meantime, it's late Friday night and I think I'll wake Janice up for a quickie.  The cuckold's fast asleep in the other room.


  1. my first encounter but sounds interesting

  2. Sounds like you might have some good material for the blog to share. Nice to see you back.


  3. We've missed you Marc. You are an inspiration to the entire community!

    I suspect Molly would like Jay to spend the night more often. But her really doesn't get the cuckold thing. Maybe we should send him to one of your seminars!