Friday, April 28, 2017

A New Address

I plan to start blogging again after many, many months away (20 of them) I've decided to return.

But I really never went anywhere.  Au contraire, I've taken up a nearly permanent residence.

I haven't sold my permanent "home" but am now living almost full time with Janice.

The cuckold has moved just a few doors down the hallway.

All of this change makes for both very kinky cuckolding scenarios while at the same time, very routine cuckold scenarios.  Familiarity can't help but make this seem say....just another regular sexual encounter, even though I'm still bedding another man's wife in the marital bed.

I do admit that if I'd moved in after the cuckold and Janice had either separated or divorced then things would be just plain boring and such a situation would not last.

Without a doubt, I'm truly appreciative for having the cuckold around to provide excitement and take care of the many menial and domestic tasks that Janice insists upon.

The cuckold appreciates it also.  Janice is kept very happy and satisfied.

See you soon.